Enjoy our Sauna at Bed and Breakfast!

Enjoying our sauna at our bed and breakfast is easy. Our bed and breakfast’s sauna is housed in our oak barn and has views overlooking the garden and Kent Downs!

The sauna at our bed and breakfast has a heater with hot rocks that are doused with cold water to create steam that heats up the space and you can just relax and enjoy the views!

So what are the benefits of using our sauna?

Saunas’ are known to help nourish your skin, increase blood circulation and helps wounds and injuries heal quickly.  Another benefit is that it burns calories!

Saunas are said to relieve stress and even help strengthen the immune system.

We also have a hot tub for our bed and breakfast guests as well.

Come and enjoy our bed and breakfast’s sauna which is complimentary during your stay and go home relaxed and stress-free! So if you are looking for accommodation in Kent with a sauna and a hot tub, call us today on +44 (0)1303 892056 or book online today.